iOS Exit Offers

Dec 102014

I was recently tasked with developing a exit script to offer a coupon code before a customer leave the site. I managed to create a cross platform exit offer script that is almost done*. I think the most interesting part of my solution is how I am displaying this offer for iOS device. It needed to be easy. Desktops, notebooks, tablets, etc. (any device that runs flash) can utilize ZeroClipboard to copy text to the clipboard in just one click. iOS devices do not have flash, so ZeroClipboard isn't an option. I decided not to pour hours into creating a one tap "copy" to clipboard for iOS, since most people using their iOS device for purchasing goods are probably fairly savvy. I am more concerned on prompting these users at the best time without the prompts becoming overly annoying.

I started with some criteria:

  • Simple for savvy users
  • Do not prompt on a refresh
  • Only prompt once the user has visited the same page twice
  • Prompt should not fire on internal navigation

And this is what I ended up with: ios-exit.js

*Nothing is ever complete. There always seems to be something I can tweak to make it a bit better.

Net Neutrality...

Dec 022014

We all love buzz words, but the reality is most people don't really understand what is being discussed. As a citizen of the internet, I am very appreciative that Leo Leporte & the TWiT gang took time to put together a debate on the subject with two independent ISPs. I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much information, and whether we realize it or not, this will be a definitive moment in the history of our generation. Check it out over at TWiT. (P.S. - The debate is only in the beginning, but feel free to continue watching. The panel also discusses "Dirtboxes" That's topic for another post.)

Replacing Nibbleblog's Image Upload

Nov 212014

Recently, I've having some issues with the image uploader built into Nibbleblog v4.0.3. I managed to track them down, but I haven't found a solution yet. However, Nibbleblog v4.0.3 uses TinyMCE for editing posts and pages. Using that information, I set out to find a solution. I found Images. is a TinyMCE plugin image uploader that is fairly simple to set up. I figured I'd write a quick how-to for anyone else using Nibbleblog and having issues with the built-in image uploader. *Note: Nibbleblog v4.0.3 uses Version 4.0.20 of TinyMCE, if you are using a different version of Nibbleblog or TinyMCE you may need to modify these instructions.

Vertically centering DIVs within a DIV

Nov 192014

I searched high and low across the internet to find the perfect solution for vertically centering multiple divs within the same div, and I found a lot of different approaches. I figured I'd share my experiences to help save some other poor sap about 4 hours of his life.

So to clarify what I was looking to do, I had three divs that needed to be vertically aligned next to each other. One div was 50% width and contained an image, and the other two were 25% width and contained text. Just to make sure I am clear... Here is a diagram:

Three Divs

Graphic Designers

Nov 132014

I know a enough about Adobe CS to be dangerous, but I do not consider myself to be a graphic designer. In my process to redesign TechSock, I decided the the logo needed to a redesign. However, I am horrible at turning the images in my head into digital artwork, and I'm even worse at trying to describe what these images in my head look like to someone else. My girlfriend/business partner, Missy, is a graphic designer, and I am the world's worst client. The amazing part is the fact that she has not killed me any of the times that I've asked her for help. I can see one of her designs and know it's perfect. Unfortunately, that design is normally the 50th-ish version, and all I ever seem to be able to offer as input is, "Something isn't quite right." So to all you graphic designers who put up with clients like me... Thank You!



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